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If you see this , don’t eat it


Double egg yolk.

A double yolk occurs when a chicken releases two yolks into the same shell and are usually produced by young chickens whose reproductive systems have not fully matured. … Eggs with double yolks are perfectly safe to eat. Some say it’s a sign of good luck to fine them.

Doubled egg yolk
One eggshell holding twin egg yolks.

Meanwhile studies have reveal the side effects of eating egg  with two yolk.

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According to The Encyclopedia of Superstitions by Richard Webster: Double-yolked eggs are believed to be a sign of good luck. However, in some parts of Great Britain a double-yolked egg is a warning of death.Double egg yolk

Eggs are good for the body’s growth  but too much of it affects the body’s immune system. Eggs contain calorie and has the highest protein. Your immune system depend on protein a lot it’s growth but when it becomes too much bring s you some deficiencies.

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