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5 signs that shows you’re doing well in life


Life entiles a lot based on exchanges or encounters we have as human being. Moving from a stage to another quitely demands one’s wisdom, determination ,focus ,safety and so many more. But we’ve got to encourage ourselves or even praise our current living though we don’t have so much to show.

Growing positively in life

Struggling to have  the luxurious life shouldn’t be a hindrance to congratulating yourself to where you’ve been so far. These are some signs which shows you’re doing well in life.

*Shelter:  Some see it so usual to have a home or a small apartment to rest when the nights fall upon us. But it doesn’t with so for others. Lots of people found such situations have no choices than to have a nap on streets and getos far way from harmful individuals. This happens because they find it very difficult to meet the economic growth.Growing positively in life

On the other hand , if you have shelter, you are doing well in life.

*Water and Food: As a young individual, if you are able to get good water to drink and meet three square meals everyday, you are classified a growing person in life.

*Congratulating other people’s growth: Another objective of doing well in life is seeing others increase in their standard of living, a positive. When you wish others well, it makes you a unique person. People try to tap into your blessing because you positive attitude.

*Forgiveness: Forgiveness is accepting either your fault or not the wrong things of people . As we get into an encounter with people, obviously they may wrong us or we may wrong them.  Forgiveness helps you grow  from within.

And all other positive attitude will identify you as a growing individual.


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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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