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Prolonged or Too much washing could cause these diseases on your hands.


Among the other chores we perform at various houses,washing of clothes and utensils mark the ultimate duty we at homes.  Such chores is perceived to be ladies’ responsibility because they are vulneral to the outside world. However ,as a man or a lady , have you researched why the hands feels itchy and wrinkled after prolonged washing???Side effects of prolonged washing

Studies reveal , the outer layer of every human is protected by healthy oils produced by good bacterias in the body. However ,if you have the habit of washing these oils ,your body is now available to bad bacteria outside layers of the body. These bacterias settle on your skin and makes you have that itchy feel, flaky skin as well as pain and redness.

So as hand sanitizers. If use them too much – they even contian lots of chemicals which erases the entire outer layer of you hands. Minimize it’s use.

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Prolonged washing creates an incurable acne  and pores on your nails known in the local dialect as Kaka. These clogged pores will turn red, swell up, and turn into pimples. The most likely cause of acne on your fingers is poor hygiene — either not washing your hands enough or washing them too often with harsh soaps that blast away the good bacteria that protect your skin.

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