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Do you know Black pepper can cure Breast cancer??? 6 proves

Benefits of Black pepper


Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning.

Black PepperThe fruit is drupe which, when fresh and fully mature, is about 5 mm in diameter, dark red, and contains a stone which encloses a single pepper seed.

Among all other peppers like the red, yellow ,green and even Orange like form, that give  the body energy and other growth properties, black pepper also does the same and even the extra mile.

Black Pepper are have anti-inflammatory properties:.Black Pepper

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May benefit your brain

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May improve blood sugar control. …

May lower cholesterol levels. …
May have cancer-fighting properties. …
A versatile spice.

Note: Though black pepper has these essentials , it also has some side effects.Typical side effects include loss of potassium, acid reflux, constipation and nausea. Pepper can cause allergic reactions like sneezing, hives, rashes swelling of the tongue and mouth, and even profound respiratory reactions in cases of severe allergic reactions.

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