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Do you know?? These 6 things Guava leaves does to your honeypot.


As  with all other leaves, Guava leaves also perform great function to the human body.  Especially,Ladies ,when  it’s time to talk about our private matters, everyone must take a heed to.  Your honeypot feel itchy, or there’s a yellowish discharge, is there any form of dryness,  your best solution is the benefits to what Guava leaves can do to your honeypot.Benefits of Guava leaves

Guava leaves has contributed highly to the fertility rate for feminine. This is due to the maximum essentials it has  for a woman to easily get pregnant. It contains folate, high fibrous substances  and creates a suitable environment for all séxuãl intercourse to take place.

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Taking supplements containing guava leaf extract may reduce menstrual cramps. The results of a study from 2007 suggest that taking guava leaf extract supplements may relieve menstrual pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea.

Having a recipe of Guava drink is easy to prepare.

*Boil to 3 to 5 minutes three stripes of Guava leave after you’ve washed leeaves thoroughly .

You can decide to add ginger , watermelon or any other fruit to make it attractive to drink. Note : Guava leaves should be more than the others.

Drink and use  few wash  your honeypot.


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