Home General News These 12 exercises could cause your death. Watch out.

These 12 exercises could cause your death. Watch out.


Exercising the body is recomendative for everyone or the body. It helps builds the muscles in the body and the brain activeness. Meanwhile, some go the extreme of either dropping their home exercises for the gym. Wrong exercisesOthers, as a source of income. However, have you ever thought some exercises could cause your lifespan .

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Your days on earth are easily numbered if you practice these kinds of body exercises.Exercises

Another lesson raised is ,you shouldn’t exercise right after eating a large meal, as you may feel bloating or muscle cramping. It’s better to eat low-fiber, low-fat, and high-carbohydrate snacks 30 to 45 minutes before exercising. This can include yogurt, fruit, granola, peanut butter, or whole-wheat toast

The below listed are some dangerous exercises:

Dumbbell Side Bends.Exercises
Behind-the-Neck Presses.Exercises
Barbell Jump Squats.Exercises
Leg Extension Machines.
Smith Machine.
Biceps Curl Machine.

These are really harmful if you do the extensive. Take good care of your health.

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