Home Education What does the hole on top of your ear mean. 3 points.

What does the hole on top of your ear mean. 3 points.

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Most individuals either the young or old are found with holes or pits developed on top of the ear. Sometimes appears both sides or on one side of the ear.  This strange hole is named, Preauricular pits. Kids are mostly prone to these pits than adults. It performs no function to the body.

Meanwhile ,In shorts :Preauricular pits are usually harmless and don’t require any treatment.

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But if the pit develops an infection, your child may need an antibiotic to clear it up. Make sure they take the full course prescribed by their doctor, even if the infection seems to clear up before then.

Ear holeWith these pits, there are in times a smelling discharge would appear ;yellowish in colour, redness, swelling, itching and also a hard substance remains .Ear holes This is because those pits are prone to chronic infections. If not treated by a medical doctor, ,such infections could affect your eye , give you incurable fever , and headaches.  Yes ,there may be herbal remedies to  infections like these but it becomes much safer when you visit the clinic for thorough treatments.Ear hole

Now our world is a technology era, you can have some medics inserted into those pits to prevent infections in the ear .




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