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If you want to know she is truly a virgin, do these 7


When and what to tell your girlfriend is a Virgin or not is very contracdicted. Mostly ,when you are to ask her ,If she is?? Probably she might  99% lie. Some intend sleeping with her to know exactly whiles others don’t matter . All what cares is the love. But there are some keen stages to know if your girl is a Virgin or not.

She hasn’t had a relationship before :   When you find a girl, you easily start by asking a girl if she has dated previously. That can quickly tell if she is a virgin or not. There are chances that she might have been raped or she lost it through exercises, but those are rare casesVirgin girl

In this situation, if she says yes, and then you no need to probe further to know if she had sex or not in her previous relationship. It may also be that she being into a relationship before but still a virgin . The truth of the matter is , if she has dated a  number of guys then sorry to tell you , she’s no longer a virgin.

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Reaction to sëxuãl talks
One of the ways you should try to know a girl is a Virgin is  by bringing up séxuãl talks when you are alone.You do such to watch her body language and see how she reacts to the discussion.

Research has shown that non-virgins would either accept or decline the discussion. While virgins would be indifferent about the debate. This means that they don’t know if to talk about it or not.

Hello guys, this works almost 99% of all the time. If you are chatting with a girl and she declines your $exual talks, that doesn’t make her a virgin. But if she becomes indifferent about the discussion, it is a visible sign of virginity in females.

It means that she doesn’t know what it feels like, so she has no idea how to contribute to the discussion.

She feels Nothing when you Touch Her
Since she has no idea what $ex is all about, she doesn’t feel anything when you touch her in specific ways. She doesn’t know your intentions, so she is mopping at you like a moron with the face “what is he doing?”

Virgin girl
Profile of a happy couple looking each other affectionate in the street

Don’t fret out about the look; it is one of the signs of virginity in females. She isn’t exposed yet to what leads to $ex, so she is still trying to figure out what you are doing.

If you see all these signs and still not convinced, she is a virgin, make sure you check out for the last sign.

Just ask and Get an Answer

asking a girl if she is a virgin
Sometimes the question will piss them off
This is the simplest alongside the most confusing way to know a virgin without $leeping with her. What if you suspect that she isn’t a virgin, but she says she is a virgin, what would you do?

That is why asking a girl if she is a virgin isn’t a good idea. She might lie to you, and you have no idea if she is telling the truth or not.

she can lie about being a virgin

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