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5 ways to know he isn’t your soulmate though you are still together.


Having a  cute relationship with someone you intend marrying or having fun is quite nice. But though you might be together presently, some instances doesn’t qualify you two of soulmates.How to find your soulmate Some of these chances aren’t so known to individuals just because they feel wide or larger number they’ve being together authomatically  makes me them spouses.

These three ways would enlighten you .

You Don’t Want The Same Things :  Though the dreams  you may want to accomplish may differ but you all must have one  goal (working from both ends).

You Don’t Miss Them When They’re Gone.: Definitely ,no matter your partner may react either good or bad , there should be something you would miss about him or her. If you don’t feel such, he or she can’t be soul mate.

You’re Not The Best Version Of Yourself  : If you find out that you aren’t giving your best when he or she is with you, you should quit!!How to know your soulmate

You Don’t Trust Them. This is one main reason  he or she can’t be your soulmate. Trust is the only unique subject when it comes to relationships.

You Can’t Confide In Them :
You’re Giving More Than Receiving
They Have Deal-Breaking Qualities.

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