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She is single .10 ways to have her to yourself.


She is single . How can I get her to myself???

Yes ,she is single. How do I get her to myself. Guys, it becomes so nervous to talk to a lady or ask her some personal stuffs , isn’t it ???. Even confronting her at a first approach is so freaky and nervous. You get no she’s single and free. What are the basics that you can win her entirely.

* Shower and smell good all the time: Ladies always love to mingle with cool and refreshung guys . If you want to join the game, always shower, smell good and attractive.   Put on your best clothes all time .  Don’t ever wear a worn out attire thinking  to have  wealth someday ,so she would accept you.  You must ready to win or even have a plus with your outfits.

* Intentionally cross her path at all time: Taking note of her spot, make sure you’re available at most times. If you see her. Say sorry if you go the extra miles of hurting her.Ways to have a single lady for yourself

* Upon apologizing ,you start up a conservation: She might be hasty for the first instant, give her some space. During the conversation ,give off confident body language.

*Find time to help her out as your sign of appealing an apology to the previous event. Make her feel ,you are the bad guy and apologize for that.

*Act enthusiastic and appreciative.Ways to have a single girl to yourself

You’ve already began , a chat or a conversation. Note immediately ask for her cell number, or where she stays or so ever. Keep calm.


You eat a lot but you’re growing slimmer. 4 reasons that counts.

*Make open-ended statements.
* Highlight what you have in common.
* Request a favor from her.
*Pass by and greet her each day.
*Stick to basic greetings.

* Make her laugh with the craziest things you’ve done or little jokes. Thus, so lively she can share her thoughts with you. To her other friends if possible . Not to make her assume  the intension you had pervious.

With continues practice, you are 💯 percent sure of having her all to yourself.

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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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