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5 Ways to end up your relationship without stress.


Every relationship between two want a live a happier and understanding life but tends the other way round perhaps of famed interests or misunderstanding between the two.

With the abundant emotions shared,one partner eventually becomes heartbroken, disturbed , unfocused, falling setbacks .  A whole lot.trying to get back to yourself.Ways to end up a relationship without stress

Five highlighted  ways to end up a no longer interested relationship without stress.

*Tell your BF or GF that you want to talk about something important. You must demand him/ her  to a very important private place . It shouldn’t be at a home because it may end up awkward and you can leave any time soon. A place pleasant and comfortable bay  for the both. Note ,with reason of a crucial talk.

Ways to end up your relationship without stres
*Start by mentioning something you like or value about the other person. Say it pleasantly. Eg. Babe,I’ve found someone who has interests  in my goals. He or she love , advises cherish what I do and I’m ready to move along with him.

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Love songs💕😘

*Say what’s not working (your reason for the break-up).  Tell him or her what triggers you the most to leave or problems you are encountering . Eventually isn’t helping at all when you two are together.

*Say you want to break up : Tell him the exact words, I want a break up💔 . Don’t hesitate or make long understanding. It wastes so much time.

Ways to end up your relationship without stress
*Say you’re sorry if this hurts: If you find he or she feels hurt , make the whole scene cool by apologizing.  Make him or her understand because you are the victim and not she/ he.

Say something kind or positive.; It may not be easy but strengthen him or her to move forward in life no matter the circumstance. Better things are yet to come so you go fight for it.

*Stop the texting: If you are truly in for leaving , you should quit finding his/her whereabouts. He / She is still reviving and shouldn’t be crossed with bad old memories.

* Stay entirely away  and build your goals.


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