Home Health Ladies click: 4 Mere symptoms that shows you have breast cancer.

Ladies click: 4 Mere symptoms that shows you have breast cancer.


Breast cancer is a deadly disease  that affects women in the breast. It usually infects ladies who are  Fifty years and above  but abnormally ,teenage girls can also have breast cancer. Thus , improper care taking of themselves.  In Ghana of late, the rise of breast cancer is above 1000 percent. However, Starting from young girls to grown women, most are ignorant of the signs for breast cancer. Thus is actually because of it’s mere state.

#Pain in the chest:  Clearly, a very short notice pain in the chest wouldn’t tell , you have breast cancer, meanwhile studies have proved it is a symptom.Mere symptoms of breast cancer

When you experience this pain,  you might observe a day or two effect in a week and continues the whole month. Note : it is a gradual process so if don’t treat it an  early stage, you might  have no option  than to cut your breast off because it results untimely death.

#Boil in the armpits :  Stop treating your boils with various creams or ointment. When you see an unusual boil or boils all over your underarms ,  you should call medical treatments.  Ninety percent, 90% of such is a breast cancer symptom.  When you try to become your own first aider , you might end killing yourself.Mere symptoms of breast cancer

#Itchying of the breast: Another symptom is itchy breast.  This sign is very very unnoticeable and ladies should be keen about this. Don’t ignore the fact that ,your breast is itchy because you haven’t taken a bath. The virus works internally and appears externally. Don’t hesitate to attend a centre  , event if you experience a day breast itching.

Note ,: Be vigilant in your choice of deodorants.

#Lump on/in the breast:  This is a look-alike boil in the breast. Most of the times ,it isn’t painful.  You should immediately attend a medical care. Thank you.Mere Symptoms of breast cancer

Breast Cancer ♋ is on a high range so protect yourself.

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