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5 Secrets men keep in a relationship.


What secrets do men keep in a relationship??

Relationships are bond to create some connection between two people,a man and a female. Is it wrong to tell everything to your partner. ???Well , it’s obvious partners need some privacy but find some secrets,..men keep to themselves in a relationship.Secrets men keep in relationships

Their major reason for keeping it a secret could be fear of hurting feelings, thinking the problems will eventually sort themselves out, or maybe they just don’t want to admit that they have become unhappy. Sometimes it isn’t any others fault- Psychologists prove.

5 Secrets men keep in a relationship are these:

Lust; Men fall in lust almost many times a day. Sometimes the seduction posture and lustful kind of dressing other girls wear on the outside, makes men fall lust. But in all it is you they love. Such happens to men who truly stick to you because of love affection.

Secret Privacy: Men keep this because sometimes you get too usual to them. They try to go the gym or call friends to a pub just to enjoy themselves. This isn’t an escape from pressure or the noise of the family home. It gets more smooth when with fellow colleagues to share vibes .Secrets men keep

Higher Finances : Men always want to earn more than you. This makes feel a complete head of the family. In some instance , they feel scared fro the lady to dictate because of ranges in finances. Some ask their partners to quit working. Societal change has made it so.


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Pampering: Another secret men keep to themselves is pampering.  Men always want to be pampered. In times of joy or tear. They love to be treated like a King by you. Delicious meals served  every mornings and evenings washing his clothes and even bathing him, off to bed with good night kissesSecrets men keep

Needs a leader: He doesn’t always feel like a grown up
He may look like an adult, wear a suit and do manly things, but deep down he still fells like a teenager and his sense of humour may still be as juvenile as when he was sitting at the back of the classroom. 


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