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These Eight trees planted at homes attracts deadly animals. Number 5 will shock you.


What are trees function in our homes?

For beautification but can pose a threat  to your life . See why.

We grow trees in our homes for beautification but  sometimes put danger on lives unaware. Ghlagatin news brings selected tress that  you should quit growing at homes. These trees look pleasant and  beneficial to people living in environs. But it’s main attribute isn’t to beautify your home but to cause threaten to your life. See them.

Apples trees: Apples  trees aren’t just for people, they’re great for wildlife as well. Deer, mice, bears, raccoons, turkeys and many songbirds love to eat apples. The flavour and fibrous texture in apple can even lead them to destroy your plant.

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Native coniferous trees: They are most popular among wildlife includimg firs, pines, cedars, hemlocks, spruces.  Tress like Douglas firs make up a large percentage of our forests .They serve as food, shelter for these animals , bird, bears, doves, eagles etc.

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 Cherry trees :Each year the color and scent of the cherry blossoms attract a variety of birds and insects.  Birds like northern cardinals and blue jays are attracted to the blossoms in the spring. When the birds eat the blossoms, excess pollen gathers on their beaks thus spreading a wealth of cherry pollen in and around the park. Cherries attract bugs

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Oak trees:   Oak tress Attract caterpillars, which transform into beautiful butterflies, but also provide a nice snack for birds and squirrels. So when you have dangerous animals like wild birds and squirrels coming to your home , you life is highly at risk.

See photos of them

Beautification trees that attracts wild animalsPine trees.

Evergreen trees that attracts wild animalsEvergreen treesConifers that attracts wild animals

ConifersChristmas tree that attract wild animals

A look alike Christmas tree that attract wild animal   Beautification trees that attracts wild animals

Apple treesPone trees that attracts wild animals



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