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President Akuffo Addo denies building a Harbour for Cape Coast residents.


Reporting from Ghlagatin news, we bring you updates from the Ghanaian society. “President Akuffo Addo denies building a Harbour at Cape Coast.”

In this era of democracy where all people have the sole right to express interests or their discrepancies, an unfortunate heart beat from the people of the Central Region, Cape Coast is alarming in the news today.

 President  Akuffo Addo and it’s government deny constructing a Harbour in the Central Region. Residents of Cape Coast quote the exact manifesto read by the President during his campaign , a Harbour and  a Landing site to be constructed at the Central Region of Ghana during his term of office. But till date ,it has become an eyesaw for ghanaians to even view a rock laid on another for construction to  take place.

In this view ,the Former Deputy of the Health Ministry fro NPP  was interviewed. He responses were  to clear and enlighten residents quotes pertaining to President Akuffo Addo ‘s speech. He said, the President promised a Landing site ( airport) not a Harbour . He pleads they should cross check their quotes. However aside such, many development s have been made in the development of the Central section.

The NDC ,on the other hand ,says President Akuffo Addo is full of lies since his term of office till date. They throw more fire into Cape Coast’s demonstration on this issue. President Akuffo Addo has no vision  with his lies he is putting across- NDC.

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