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Having face acne ????. Five Indigenous fruits that cure face acne very fast.

Tips to cure face acne

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  • What is acne??? Acne is a  named word, “pimple” that mostly are seen in the face and some sections of the body. Acne appears mostly with teenagers, thus in their puberty stage. This is a deficiency growth processes occurable among them.

Then why always on the face.????

The face is a very soft part of the body. It  is sensitive to producing oil, bacteria and dirts. When these three combine, they form an acne/ pores in the little holes found on your face . When these pores are forced out ,the little holes widen paving ways for other infections to settle in.

However, some fruits trigger acne on your face. These fruits contain a high amount of sugar ,oil and fats. They produce an insulin ,also developing the bad bacterias to a mass. Such fruits are: white bread, sugar,white rice, pasta, chocolate.

Well , natural ways are always the best solutions knowing it’s right choices. Thus, a  good dietitian of course,these nutritious fruits will eradicate it in a short instance.

1. Blueberries, Tomatoes, Fish( Salmon , Mackerel, Nuts, Orange or Citrus Fruits, Veggies ( Green Leafy veggies) Flaxseeds . Etc.

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