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Alleged Pastor , Jesus Ahoufe comes out to say, Shatta wale and I faked death prophecy..


The  Dancehall  Ghanaian has almost turned the internet, up side down with his death rival issues. This popular artiste claiming to have been shot by well known assailants  claims to have been admitted to the hospital. But it seems the faked pastor has let the dirty tricks of the artiste , exposed.

Meanwhile , Netizens question Shatta wale???

Why would he fake his death upon all his popularity??? Shatta  breaks silence to that.

His intensions to revive the laws in Ghana through this act was totally useless. With much concerns ,he has raised heartbeats from his mom and ex-wife, Shatta Michy.  Is Shatta wale playing the Jesus Christ series or he is truly dead. Find out from the previous statement alleged Pastor

October 18, 2021, a big calamity will befall Ghana,” he claimed. “Ghanaians should pray for our musicians, especially dancehall music performers. I saw in my vision that one had lost his life.”

“Similar case occurred on October 18, 2007, in South Africa (Lucky Dube), and the same thing is going to happen in Ghana. The person is a popular dancehall artiste in Ghana.”

On how the incident would occur, he claimed that: “In the spiritual realm, I saw that he was attacked by armed robbers and was shot dead.”

He mentioned the first name of Shatta Wale and warned that he should seek the face of God otherwise he can’t escape his untimely death.

“He needs to consult a man of God to pray and redeem him. I saw this while praying, but in Ghana, when you prophesy, you will be attacked. His first name is Charles [referring to Shatta Wale]. He should pray seriously because, on October 18, 2021, he will lose his life. He should seek the face of God through a powerful preacher.”

Jesus Ahuofe was condemned by social media users for making such a ‘reckless prophecy.’

“Sometimes when prophecies come errr you as a pastor can pray and do everything but if the person involved isn’t willing to pray is not gonna work,” Instagram user ‘akosua_nokturnal’ stated. Another user ‘posh698’ said: “So as a man of God can’t you pray over it or call his management to do something about it than on-air!

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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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