Home Entertainment See Heiress Jacinta in her gorgeous looks as she clocks 27 today.

See Heiress Jacinta in her gorgeous looks as she clocks 27 today.


Heiress Jacinta also is now the media’s look out for. Jacinta  Ocansey being her real name clocks 27 years today. She didn’t leave her page, an  barrel empty as she drops cute and exclusive photos on her birthday.

Jacinta is a known as the female comedienne actor in Nigeria . She is however.a half Nigerian and Ghanaian. She was raised precisely in Nigeria respective of her father’s origin. She got educated, became famous ,all in Nigeria.


On her birthday, she recounts how she began her comedienne traits right from teen age. By then ,she was quite sixteen to nineteen years. She thoroughly began this in her home .The fact that she , older.than any her siblings at home, she played and made up comedian stories. A great talent ,the mother saw in her. Her mother began to create some opportunities for Jacinta to make her a Star.

Thanks for reading and all birthday wishes to her





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