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Having problems with your stepmom??? These are five ways to deal with her fairly.


At the stage of growing up where our biological parents kicks the bucket, life tends to be like hell. Only few are able console themselves and move on to thier dreams. Nevertheless , the 90% get another chance to feel the guides of a mother. This however moves sideways. Those with such opportunity see it as multiple hells combined together.

She is very rude. She doesn’t smile. She makes me do all the house chores. She hates and I also hate her. All these bad relations from daughter to stepmom and vice versa. When you have a different person in your life, normally it very difficult to accept their differences. But  can create a relationship easy for the both of you.

*Analyze your attitude your her; When you examine yourself, you should identify if you’re rather being impolite her or the otherwise. If you find ,you are at fault, you plan means to settle up case . And if not, then read as it follows:

* Understanding her rudeness: It’s always a brand new day, and must not make anybody to crumple it for you. You should understand that her rudeness isn’t your problem but rather hers. Because ,she has taken the load of deciding to hate you.

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*Always be thankful to her: The act of gratitude is very beneficial. The secret part is being thankful for what you haven’t received, makes the thing happen eventually. Eg. Thank her for being part your family. Another secret is for making you brave.

You would ask why???? Is because, upon all her discredits and disdain on you, it makes stand for your own self.

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In addition, negotiate with your stepsiblings. Your issue with their mom shouldn’t affect them either.

  1. *Entertain yourselves together: If you realize she is getting compatible, then you share some fan together that isn’t forgettable . Thank you for reading Ghlagatin news.
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