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You will be shocked 😲 what Onions in Beetroot juice does to your body.


Concerns of your health is one of our biggest priority with Ghlagatin news. In this article , you will be enlightened on benefits of onion juice mixed with beet root extracts.

Beetroot Juice

First of all, Beet root  are fruits reddish wine in colour. Scientifically , they contain compounds like nitrates which give enough oxygen and strengthen the muscles in the body.

Beet roots are rich in potassium and other minerals, helps prevent any type of cancer in the immune system, improves your exercise stamina, it also improves muscle power for people with heart failure, reduction in blood pressure is rest assured, and lastly , maintain a good and healthy weight for all.


Onion juice contain fiber and folic acid, a B vitamin that helps the body make healthy new cells. Onions are healthy whether they’re raw or cooked, though raw onions have higher levels of organic sulfur compounds that provide many benefits. It also contain nitrates.

As you you’ve read all the essentials beetroot and onion plays, It would be marvelous if these   are consumed in the body.

Sum up ;

* Beetroots and onions contain lots of fibrous substance  that gives your immune system less work  to perform. This is because the fibre substance has effects on too long digestible foods ( able to break them into pieces) .For the anal system especially, to release metabolic  wastes.

.* Nitrates are  products of beetroots and onions. They are good for the body. They control the flow of oxygen ( relating to  blood increase) in the body.

*Onions  give a sweet scented smell when added to our delicacies, so do beetroots. However, normally taken on  a raw basis do not  do the contrary.

*The juicy substance in both fruits strengthen the walls of the heart . All vitamins composed in it play a very great role to prevent heart diseases.

Note: Consuming these juices is very good for your health but too much of it can have adverse effect . Thanks for reading.

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