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Tips to improve your standard of living as a graduate or an undergraduate.


We ,as youth always have a bigger look or picture the bigger things in life. Example like I want to be a pilot, a teacher, a journalist just because of my levels in education or my statuses matching that kind.

On the contrary, if that kind of job isn’t attained, then you see all dreams buried , in the end having us unemployed. However , there isn’t any blame because that kind of stigma or perception has been raised since our childhood. We’ve grown with the mindset to go to school and be in the white collar jobs sections.

*As a young individual ,you have to be creative  wherever you find yourself. Some claim, it consumes lots of investments but don’t yield any better profits.

Look , it may just be because you didn’t sit to analyze very carefully or you aren’t applying your educational values to make it unique.

In addition, begining something of your own ,you make it professional for yourself. Have lots of faith in what you do.

*Learn ; Learning comes in lots of varieties . A whole of stuffs is also good to improve your standards. You can apply learning for a bakery work, a sewing job, and also mechanics or look for something that is practical. These types are very easy and quick to learn. You can also earn lots of income.

* Don’t disregard some jobs : Some jobs , even though they don’t look professional or appear little,they can  help you survive in your dailies and make you wealthy only if you put in your much effort.

Thanks for reading and a have blissful day .

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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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