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3 wrong essay words you should quit writing.


When it comes to English , some constructive of words may sound correct and accepted to pronounce but grammatically grading such words , some have rhetorical meanings and eventually not understandable.

Let’s see some words like:

*In our easy writing,especially with the formal letters, after explaining all your points, our last judgement, we start with,” Last but not the least”.

It sounds very correct, isn’t it??? this totally unacceptable. It should read,” The last but not the least or Last but least. This sounds much more better for our essays.

*Another is faulty amalgamation of words; To amalgate means to combine . And note that certain words aren’t supposed to be combine. You could be penalized, ie deducted from your scores in essay writing.

Example are:

Correct. —-. . Wrong

In fact                   infact

a lot.                      . alot

Human being.     humanbeing

in spite of               inspite of

even though.          eventhough

*Thirdly is your expression; Students feel that your  easy would  generate marks you put down some words that the examiner had to find his dictionary. That isn’t necessary.

Your words have just got to be clear ,simple.and understanding. Mind you, the examiner is marking lots of scripts and won’t be patient if he doesn’t understand  your constructive words.

Example;                                                  Instead of

*I hope you are swimming        >           I hope

in the pool of health.                           you are fine

*He has a rapacious                    >    He is greedy

propensity of grabbing things.

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