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7 types of people you shouldn’t save your money with


Today’s article is a different set on its own. Ghlagatin news is bringing you , a genuine and very crucial tips to help the growth of our standards in living. As humans, we initially  keep some of our funds earned with intension for  future use. Example may the bank, in our personal gadgets, or to bossom individuals.

All these alternatives are safe ,though some disadvantages are quite encountered . However, considering the  other individuals has lots of negative effects.

* Non investors; You may ask ,”What has a non- investor got to with my saved fund?. For a longer keep of your resource , it must as well earn some little interests which could be profitable in the time use. Thus , this can’t be achieved overnight when those funds aren’t invested to earn any profit.

To sum up , friends who don’t usually invest cannot maximize your resource. Your fund becomes an asset but unvaluable because they don’t have the ability to invest and expand the money.

*Isn’t upgrading his education:The continent is developing day by day so as our human statuses.  Keeping your monies to a person who is still stuck with the old methods of saving or who isn’t educated , perhaps, “What do you intend happening”. Your money  would kept at unsafe places , it will squandered without any tangible or cared less about if misplaced.

* Flaunts  money on lavish things, : Someone who is an extravagant wouldn’t mind twice to squander the money you have given to him or her as savings. Your future resource alone wouldn’t feed all her luxury lifestyle.

*Those who only take but don’t give; This is really observed most times in relationships; A conception that, men are supposed to give whilst ladies take, all in the name of love affection with each other. Meanwhile , an instance like, your monthly earned salary has a lower percentage compared to your expenses. Then you also accept the attitude of always sharing whenever your partner demands, how do you intend meeting your future.

*People who are always indebt. People who are always found wanting, just because they’ve borrowed, you shouldn’t save your money with them. Upon all their debts, they still owe even when you settle their indebtedness with your future resources.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will be vigilant with your resources the next time.

For more tips to learn, drop your comments, like and share for others to get enlightened. Thank you.

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