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Try these Gorgeous wears that were a plus for Naa to win the GMB ,2020.


The Ghana Most Beautiful beauty pageant enriches the culture or our heritage from different kinds of origins. It also enstill a sense of peace ,.unity and enlightenment to various parts of the country.

This pageant has contestants to explore their cultural values. Thus includes ,their foods, methods of living, laws governing their lives and not forgetting, the way they dress.
With every culture ,the style of dressing is easily identifiable to persons.

Well now we will say the country is modernising, it’s indepth culture is also modernized.
Naa , exhibited some Gorgeous wears which you need to try.As you can see , Naa Dedei is really a product of the Gas in her fashion lifestyle. She’s got no taste for faded clothing’s. Always on point for classy wears . You should try these wears wherever you find yourself. Thank you.


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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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