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5 Royal blue with mauve outfits that will you look stunning on your date.


Being a fashionasta or a fashion lover isn’t putting on beautiful clothes on any of your  date you would attend. But able to blend varieties of gorgeous colours with a simple design to make a whole dress . This article brings at your doorstep a unique colour with trendy designs you should have a look at .

The Royal blue 💙 with the mauve colour has a very different variety it exhibits . With it’s texture and pattern, your date( instance) would be present also with glued eyes .

Let’s have a look.

You can also swag these styles at your church programmes or services. Not also forgetting weekends were you got to enjoy yourself to it’s fullest.

Having your dinner night with your partner shouldn’t be assumed as your regular visitations or working places just because of your wear. Meanwhile , you should be sparkling on that day. Your September is already filled with lots of outings and you shouldn’t miss any. Glamor your styles from the Royal Caribbean blue and mauve colours and look exceptional. Thank you.

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Dorcas Prah known professionally as Crisely Blay is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.


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